TEDxLAU: Open Call for Speakers!

Are you passionate about an idea and want the whole world to know about it? Is it a project worth spreading? Will it entertain, inspire and inform us all at the same time?

Do you have an amazing story to share or have you experienced something so captivating that it must be re-told?

 After the success of our first live event and the various salons we’ve had all year, we’re holding an open call for speakers in May 2013. And we are looking for speakers who understand the great experience that such a volunteer-run TEDx event brings to our university and country.

Are you still interested in giving a talk?

We want those people who will stand on a stage and engage an entire audience by inspiring imaginations, empowering others to take action in an authentic style. These TEDxTalks will be filmed and they will be posted online, to inspire and spark connection even beyond the walls of our own theater.

So who are we looking for?

  • The inventor – sharing an innovation with world-changing potential
  • The teacher – sharing valuable knowledge in a memorable way to teenagers or adults
  • The prodigy – young talent ready to break out
  • The artist – showcasing inspiring work in a compelling new way
  • The performer – music, comedy, dance, drama or something completely different
  • The sage – wisdom the world needs from those who have learned it the hard way
  • The enthusiast – with an infectious passion about a topic they can share
  • The change agent – helping shape the world’s future with work that matters
  • The storyteller – vivid, original and meaningful, with a talent for connection
  • The spark – with a powerful idea worth spreading

Topics can range from technology, design and entertainment to art, environmental science, leadership, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and more!

Think you have what it takes?

Give us the highlights right now! Submit your idea here.

Lana Chukri - TEDxLAU2012

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is TED?

First, TED isn’t a person. TED is a conference that originally dealt with Technology, Entertainment and Design, but is now a platform for ideas worth spreading on any topic!

How is a TEDx event different from a TED conference?

TED conferences are organized and run directly by TED. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis.

What happens after I submit my idea?

TEDxLAU organizers will review all applications and send out confirmation emails. “Shortlisted speakers” will be contacted for an audition.

How long does the presentation have to be?

Presentations can be from 6-18 minutes, but aim for 10-12 minutes.

What language can I use?

 English or Arabic currently.

Do speakers get paid to present?

As per TED guidelines, speakers are not paid. But they will get to experience an amazing event that might be life-changing, for them and the audience.

Can speakers seek funding whilst onstage?

Speakers are prohibited from both selling and seeking financing while on stage.

Have any more questions? Email reine.azzi@lau.edu.lb.



On a mission to inspire! And it all starts with one idea. In the spirit of "ideas worth spreading," TED has created TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Come on over to LAU, where we host the first TEDx university event in Lebanon, and be part of this initiative where university students and professionals are inspired to work together and present creative, exciting new ideas.
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